Chiropractic care is a simple, safe and natural form of healthcare; it enables you to claim your body’s natural healing potential. It can also help you perform at the highest level in every area of your life through a focus on the relationship between your nervous system and spine and how that affects your health.

There are nine major systems in the body each of which exist to help and support you. Chiropractic focuses mostly on the bodies nervous system; the nervous system is your bodies primary system. It is the system that controls and co-ordinates the other eight (so we think its pretty important).

Chiropractors work with your body to remove any interference in your nervous system allowing a smooth mind-body connection. This is done to improve overall bodily function and allowing the body to restore homeostasis (‘homeostasis is the state of steady internal conditions maintained by living things’).

Our chiropractic care at Zuma Health is gentle, simple & most importantly effective. We specialise in understanding the process of healing rather than masking symptoms as we work to restore true health and function to your body naturally. Our techniques are all selected to provide a safe, gentle and comprehensive analysis of the body.

We use spinal adjustments because of the direct relationship your spine has to its nervous-system.  The manual and soft tissue techniques used in our chiropractic care corrects misalignments, improves muscle tone and stimulates nerve activity. These adjustments restore spinal function and in turn this re-establishes a stronger connection to help heal your mind and body.

Your health is the investment of a lifetime.
— Dr. Matthew Scheier


Spinal alignments have been used as a healing technique for thousands of years in many cultures throughout history. The modern version was developed in the late 19th century. Chiropractic is recognised as a genuine health care approach and many published research studies demonstrate it is effective for people with a range of spinal, health and other issues.

Chiropractic takes its name from greek language meaning chiro (hand) and Praktik (Done) meaning done by hand.


Scientific studies have shown chiropractic can be helpful to assist with a very large range of disorders, which makes sense considering that the nervous system drives all the other systems of the body. When interference is removed, information can flow to and from the brain to all the other systems of the body via electrical impulses. These impulses direct other systems to moderate and balance hormones and biochemical feedback to set all the other systems in motion. Some well researched improvements can be found including but not limited to:

  • Structural concerns

  • Headaches

  • Shooting or constant back pain

  • Migraines

  • Period pain

  • Scoliosis

  • ADHD

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  • Asthma

  • Fertility

  • Digestive concerns

  • Emotional & Anxiety & stress dis-orders

In fact the Chiropractic profession was founded on a story of a deaf man recovering his hearing!  It had very little to do with just back problems. While chiropractic has been proven to improve many conditions, we aim to focus on the cause rather than just symptoms and illness. That way we can work on the core of the problem and find the most optimal solution.

If you want to know if chiropractic will help your disorder as well as your overall wellness, you can get in contact with us or book in for a FREE spinal assessment today! To look at chiropractic related research studies, contact spinalresearch.com.au for more information.

For a little more information on the health conditions we treat including but not limited to the ones listed above click here.

Chiropractic is about so much more than fixing just back problems; It’s about supporting your entire nervous system to enable a strong, healthy and balanced connection between your mental, physical and spiritual bodies to allow for optimal lasting health.
— Dr. Matthew Scheier


Our chiropractors are highly trained in various techniques including manual adjustments, TRT, NET, applied kinesiology, Trigger Point Release. If you have prior knowledge of the techniques that you prefer, please let us know so we can match you with the best practitioner for you.

Please note our chiropractors have lots of experience and always apply safe and gentle practices, so much so that many find their adjustments to be relaxing!


On your initial consult we usually allow an hour to take the time to really get to know you and your body. We take the time to properly examine and test you as well as getting a understanding of your medical history. You are welcome to bring any recently acquired X-rays, MRI or any other relevant health assessments you may think are relevant. We want to be safe, thorough and effective.

If you have specific health conditions or other issues, the chiropractor will take them into account when deciding on your care. These assessments help the chiropractor to evaluate any special needs you may have and to ensure your safety and comfort during the process.

These considerations may include:

  • Whether you have signs of or diagnosed arthritis

  • Any suspected or recent fractures, bone breaks or trauma

  • Disorders of the circulation

  • Whether you are, or have recently been, pregnant

  • Your body size

  • Your age – whether you are young, elderly or frail

  • The medication that you are taking

  • Previous treatment, including operations.

We do not always adjust on the first visit, it depends on what has brought you to us in the first place, and what is presenting on the day and if it would be safe to do so without further reports.

Sometimes we request X-rays, again, this would be done for safety reasons. Your second visit is a little bit shorter, about half an hour in which the doctor will go through all the findings of the previous visit and discuss their recommendations for your individual wellness and progress. You get to ask any questions that may have arisen since your last visit. 

Depending on the recommendations presented in the report visit combined with your presenting state and needs will help determine your treatment plan.


Chiropractic care for pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies and children is offered by chiropractors with special training in this field. Our pregnant patients often arrive early just to spend extra time on the special adjustable table. The youngest person we have ever cared for was just a few days old.  Techniques for individuals this young are specialised & adapted to provide safety & effectiveness.  Examples & reasons for children to be with chiropractic care:

  • Colic

  • Constantly sick – immunosuppression

  • Constantly crying – lack of nervous-system harmony – stressed nervous-system 

  • Reflux

  • Hip concerns

  • Not sleeping – lack of nervous-system harmony – stressed nervous-system (the regulation system of the body)

  • Development and Behavioural issues

We recommend reading Well Adjusted Babies by Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani for more information on the benefits of chiropractic care for both mum's, bubs and kids. We often have a copy in clinic available to borrow.

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