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Zuma Healths Relaxation Massage is designed to let your body unwind, let your stresses dissolve, let your breath slow down, let your mind quieten and your natural state of grace emerge. It is in this place of quiet grace that struggle, control and forced will, step aside and allow natural healing to occur. This is done by our massage therapist using manual therapy techniques that includes holding, moving, and applying pressure to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia in order to improve overall wellbeing and health.

Remedial Massage can be less relaxing at the time, but the after effects of relieving strains and injuries can make comfort and healing more possible. Remedial techniques are usually covered by private health insurance, if you are covered for extras.

Massage is an old and ancient healing tradition used world wide. It is therapeutic treatment used to treat aches pains and ailments within the body. There are many different types and styles of massage. At Zuma Health we offer a range of massage styles including relaxation, remedial, naturopathic and myotherapy. Depending on the practitioner you book in with will depend on the exact styles and techniques used.

Massage is the perfect partner to your regular chiropractic support, optimising the benefits of your chiropractic session by creating a receptive nervous system.

How Massage Can Help You?

One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. Quite often people will use massage as a way to relax, unwind and de-stress. This can be done as massages are known to reduce stress hormones throughout the body such as adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine. This occurs because massage prompts the release of endorphins to your brain to produce feelings of wellbeing. 

Some other benefits of massage may include:

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system

  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility

  • Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries

  • Heightened mental alertness

  • Reduced anxiety and depression.

  • Help to alleviate general aches and pains in the body

  • Improved sports recovery in particular the delayed onset of muscle soreness.

  • Help with insomnia

  • Improved circulation & skin tone

Techniques Used

During a massage treatment a variety of techniques are used which include touch and pressure in varied intensity to manipulate muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Each of our massage therapists use a different variety of techniques based on their training background.

Techniques/styles used by Zuma Health practioners stem from traditional thai, relaxation, remedial, naturopathic and myotherapy. Depending on the practitioner you book in with will depend on the exact styles and techniques used.

All our practitioners use safe techniques and will not cause damage. All of our practitioners listen to you and your body and they will adjust techniques, intensity and pressure accordingly.

What To Expect

Before laying down to relax and unwind in our private massage room your therapist will get you to fill out a form and use verbal communication to gain insight into why you are there and what is currently going on for your body and over all health. The information you provide will allow our practitioner to work safely with you, your body and your goals.

Each of the massage therapists adopt different styles and techniques into their practice. This means that your experience with each of them will be different and you can choose who will best suit your needs. Get in contact today if you would like to find out more, we are more than happy to guide you in choosing the right practitioner for you or answer any questions you may have. Whether you need an hour or two to deeply relax or you need a therapeutic session, we have the therapist for you.

We recommend being well hydrated prior to treatment, and continue to hydrate afterward to maximise the flushing affect in moving toxins from your system. It is best  to receive a massage on an empty stomach and to allow time before driving or rushing afterward, so please plan accordingly to enhance your experience.

Please note all services at Zuma Health including massage are non sexual. Do not request anything of this nature from our practitioners as these requests will not be tolerated and you will be kindly asked to leave.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
— Buddha