ABOUT Meditation

In today’s fast paced and technological world the practice of meditation and mindfulness seems to be increasingly necessary. Meditation is often stereotyped as a time to silence the mind which often intimidates people and is seemingly impossible. However you are not trying to silence the mind or turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re simply learning to observe them without judgment and take time to go within. It is a skill and like any skill it is learned through practice a practice that is not meant to be perfect.

Meditation allows you the time and space to observe and connect with yourself, your environment and your spirit. It’s a practice that originated several thousand years ago from India and was largely spread around the world through Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It is said to be one of the oldest forms of body treatments and was often used to treat disease.

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm have become increasingly present in todays society and meditation is a popular method to ease these states of mind. Meditation allows you to relieve the stress and tensions of day to day life, bringing you to a grounded and centred state of balance, calm and awareness.

Learn more about the benefits of this practice below.

How Meditation Can Help You?

Meditation is believed to relieve the strains and the stress of the body, mind and soul. In the process of meditation you give space for your mind and body to let go from the tensions and stresses throughout. The mind and body are connected by relieving the mind you can in turn relieve the body bringing you awareness and an overall sense of wellbeing.

The various mental, physical and spiritual benefits of meditation are:

  • De-stress the mind and body

  • Emotional release and processing

  • Increased oxygen circulation throughout the body.

  • Stabilises the respiratory system

  • Reduces risk of blood pressure

  • Increases blood flow

  • Feel at peace and relaxed

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Builds self-confidence

  • Increases serotonin production which helps with depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches.

  • Increased concentration

  • Bodily, emotional and environmental awareness

  • Feeling of calmness

  • Internal reflections

  • Spiritual growth

  • and more…

Meditation is suitable for everyone and anyone, you do not need to be in a state of stress or anxiety to feel the benefits.

Techniques Used

Our guided meditation classes use a variety of styles and techniques including breath awareness, body awareness and visualisation. Meditation can be performed in a variety of environments both seated and laying down. Our practitioner will make sure you are comfortable before beginning to guide you through your practice.

If appropriate or desired our practitioner may add elements such as essential oils, soft music and reiki to enhance the benefits of the practice.

Our meditation is quite often accompanied with a therapeutic and restorative yoga practice. They are commonly practiced together around the world and compliment each other. Yoga nidra in fact is the perfect blend of meditation and yoga together. To learn more about yoga at Zuma Health click here.

What To Expect

It’s time to take the time for you; to take time to check in on your mind, body and spirit and process through thoughts, feelings and tensions. Our practitioners will guide you through your meditation in a nurturing space allowing you to fully let go, delve deep and un-wind.

Each session is different depending on the needs of the individual'/s. Sessions may be performed seated or lying down and may be performed in an indoor or outdoor environment. It is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. In your chosen environment you will be guided through your session in a state of calm and gentleness

Our meditation practitioners are available for one on one, small groups and public classes. We are happy to work from your home or workplace. Zuma Health also offer health and meditative retreats throughout the year. Keep your eyes out for the next exciting meditative retreat or event via our events page, newsletter and social media accounts!

Meditation is a great compliment to your yoga practice and chiropractic care!

Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.
— Herman Hesse