Myotherapy Treatment

ABOUT Myotherapy

Myotherapy is a physical therapy used to treat soft tissue pain, restricted joint movement and musculoskeletal conditions. It is an evidence based practice that was founded on the principles found in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.

Myotherapy gets its name as the foundation of treatment is focussed on releasing myofascial dysfunction. Myofascia are the thin fibrous sheets of tissue that surround and separate muscles. Bundles of myofascia are what form the ligaments and tendons in your body.

Similar to chiropractic, myotherapy will quite often incorporate manual manipulation of the muscles (massage) to release tension. But it is important to realise that myotherapy and massaage are completely different and have completely different aims and objectives. Please continue reading below to find out the different techniques used and benefits of myotherapy.

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How Myotherapy Can Help You?

Myotherapy is an evidence based practice that treats and rehabilitates a wide range of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. It is also used to support and prevent your body against future injury or pain. It works great in conjunction with chiropractic and other health treatments offered at Zuma Health.

Myotherapy can help treat a wide variety of conditions such as the following:

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches

  • Sports injuries

  • Work Injuries

  • Rotator cuff problems

  • Ankle injuries

  • Jaw pain and clicking

  • Tennis elbow

  • Muscle sprains

  • Joint pain

  • Injury and pain prevention

  • Shin splints

  • And more…

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Techniques Used

The exact treatment and techniques used depend on the diagnosis of each patient.

Your myotherapy treatment may include the following techniques:

  • Massage both sports and remedial

  • Passive stretching

  • Hot or cold therapy

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

  • Acupressure

  • Dry Needling

  • And more…

In addition our myotherapist may prescribe exercises, activity modification, lifestyle modification and educate you about your condition, it's care and prevention to get you seeing improvements as soon as possible!

Our myotherapist is fully qualified and conducts her practice safely and professionally.

What to expect

For your first appointment our myotherapist will get to know you and any conditions you may have present through an intake form, medical testing and face to face conversation. The myotherapist will examine and inspect and access your joints and associated muscles, and test your reflexes. This information is then used by the therapist to help pinpoint the cause of your symptoms.

The myotherapist may refer you to other healthcare professionals both inside and out of Zuma Health for further diagnosis or treatment, depending on your medical condition.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
— Buddha