Frequently Asked Questions

At Zuma Health, we encourage our patients to ask questions as we want you to fully understand the process and how we can help you. We have included the answers to some of the most common questions our new and existing chiropractic patients have had over the years below.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the type of care and how much care you require will depend on how much it will cost. Additionally if you have health insurance, they may subsidise all or some of the cost. Please visit our service fees page for more details on a standard visit cost and don’t forget to get in contact with your health insurance to find out what they will cover.

At Zuma Health we are passionate about helping everyone, we understand that for some budgets can be tight so we have created special rates and memberships that our doctors and staff will be happy to discuss with you in more detail upon your visit to our clinic.

Does it hurt?

Our qualified doctors use safe and gentle techniques on all of their patients. They understand that when you arrive you may be experiencing some pain or discomfort in your body and will be mindful of that. In fact a lot of our patients actually find their visit to be quite relaxing and they really enjoy their adjustments. Our doctors treat people from infants to the elderly and will always adjust their techniques to suit each individual.

Is it safe?

Our doctors are highly trained, have lot’s of experience and always practice safely. Chiropractic care is a natural form of health care that is considered a ‘low risk’ health approach. Our doctors and practitioners will work with your body to deliver safe and efficient results.

Is it safe for babies and young children?

Chiropractic has been caring for people of ALL ages since its inception. A visit to our office will quickly demonstrate that we see spines ranging throughout the life spectrum. For infants, techniques are extremely gentle and designed to enable the spine to be freely moving, balanced and communicating. The pressure used here is like testing for a ripe avocado, or similar to the pressure you would use to touch an eyeball. Chiropractic care can be fun and kids often love coming in to have their spine aligned & to play with our fun toys! Our staff are equipped ready and happy to look after your younger family members whilst you are having your own session.

It is safe to have chiropractic care whilst pregnant. We have specialised tables that enable women to be adjusted all the way through their pregnancy process right up to the delivery date. Pregnant women are often saying that they wish they had one of our tables at home because it can be so relaxing and relieving to take the pressure off of their body.

Im pregnant can I get treatment?

Does it work?


Many of our clients have been seeing us for years; some since we very first opened in 2007! Through our direct experience and supported by research studies, chiropractic care has been found to be effective in treating a variety of health conditions and may also improve your overall wellbeing. If you are not sure if Zuma Health will be able to help you, feel free to get in contact with us or book in for a free spinal assessment to find out more.

If I start, do I have to keep coming?

Of course not (although we will miss you when you are gone). We do offer care for our patients throughout all stages of their life and it is completely up to you how often and for how long you would like to come.

Depending on the signs and symptoms present our doctors at Zuma Health will recommend a treatment plan that is best suited to you. We understand that everyones lives are different and want to do our best to support you and your body’s needs.

Some patients will come in only when they require immediate pain relief and others will come in for regular treatment to continuously support their body’s nervous system and because they like the benefits and feeling that regular care at Zuma Health can bring.

Can I still see my GP, physio or other health practitioner while I am under chiropractic care?

We love working with other health professionals to ensure you are getting the best treatment and advice for your health. We take a holstic approach to health and welbeing and will often encourage you to better your health by incorporating other health modalities when necessary. You are more than welcome to seek care from others whether that’s from our other in house specialists or outside of Zuma Health.

To see what else we offer at Zuma Health click on the ‘our services’ tab at the top of this website.

Will private health insurance cover some of my chiropractic care?

If you have extras, most private health funds cove chiropractic care. The level of coverage depends on your health insurer and the level pf care you have purchased from them. We have hicaps available and can process that for you upon payment. To find out exactly how much and what your health insurance covers get in touch with them.

Zuma Health is a Medibank private preferred provider, discounts apply.

Will Medicare cover some of my chiropractic care?

In chronic conditions your doctor may refer you or you can ask to be referred to a chiropractor. When they do so, Medicare will cover up to 5 chiropractic visits per calendar year. This is known as a Chronic Disease Management referral (CDM) or as an Enhance Primary Care referral (EPC).

To find out more about this medicare program get in contact with your GP. If you wish to see us using a CDM or EPC referral than you need to have gotten this from your GP prior to visiting us. Once you have your referral and come in and see us we will be able to make the rebate through our in practice HICAPS system.

We have X-ray facilities at our practice in Burleigh Heads (Used only if it is necessary). If you would prefer to get X-rays outside of our clinic you are more than welcome to. We also encourage new patients to bring in any X-rays or scans that are current and they think may be relevant to their treatment here at Zuma Health.

Can I get X-Rays at Zuma Health?

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Zuma Health will close for some public holidays and events, feel free to call up and check if you are unsure if we will be open. We will let our patients know of closures ahead of time face to face in our clinic and via our newsletter and social media channels. Subscribe to them to stay up to date.

What are Zuma Health’s operating hours?

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