Health Conditions

At Zuma Health our health practitioners take pride in providing care and assistance in the treatment of a wide array of health conditions. This may include and support issues such as back pain, pregnancy, headaches, nutrition, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, insomnia, sporting injuries and various muscle, athletic performance, joint and nerve conditions.

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Back, Neck & Joint Pain.

Experiencing back, neck or joint pain can be frustrating and debilitating. It can make easy tasks painful and have a major impact on your day to day life.

Chiropractic care is a natural and non invasive treatment that aims to provide relief and may help to improve comfort in your back, neck or other joints using your body’s natural resources to treat both the symptoms and most importantly, the underlying problem.

At Zuma Health we are qualified and proud to offer chiropractic care, in conjunction with other modalities such as kinesiology, massage, myotherapy and more to help get your body functioning optimally.

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Stress, Anxiety & Depression

At Zuma Health, we recognise that mental health is intimately connected with your physical well-being and overall health condition. We are passionate about supporting people who may be struggling with their mental state and educating people on their mind-body connection.

Anxiety and depression disorders are increasingly common and are nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about. A psychiatrist or clinical psychologist are qualified to evaluate people with an anxiety, depressive or mental health disorder. At this stage no one in the Zuma Health team is qualified to evaluate or diagnose, however we work closely with counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists to help achieve the best results.

For many patients improved mental health comes as a wonderful side effect of improving general wellness, nutrition and supporting the spine and nervous system.

For more information see the Beyond Blue website at . If you are in crisis and need immediate help please call Australian emergency services on 000.


Sports Injury, recovery & athletic performance

Being active plays a big part in your mental and physical health. Here at Zuma Health we encourage and support our clients to live an active lifestyle. Whether you are new to physical activities or an experienced athlete our team at Zuma Health have lots of experience working with different bodies to make sure they not only perform at their best, but they also heal and recover optimally and as quickly as possible.

Lot’s of elite athletes have remedial massage, chiropractic, dry needling and myotherapy in their health routines to help them achieve peak performance and manage sporting injuries and recovery times. Whether you are new to physical activities or an experienced athlete our team have lots of experience working with bodies to make sure they not only perform at their best, but they also heal and recovers as efficiently as possible.

Whether you are a professional athlete or just live an active lifestyle you may find that our practitioners can support you to achieve more strength, speed, balance, and increased recovery times.


Family Health

Zuma Health loves families and we consider everyone who walks through our doors to be a part of ours! If you are like us then the health of your family is extremely important!

Our health practitioners are trained to help support and care for your family through each individual life stage from pregnancy to childhood, adolescence, adulthood and the twilight years. We can tailor our services to meet the needs of your family. When each member of the family is healthy, we feel you can each experience life together to its fullest.


Infants and young ChildreN

Our chiropractors and health practitioners at Zuma Health are very well trained and experienced with children, including infants. Chiropractic adjustments for children are performed using gentle fingertip pressure or instrument-assisted techniques. Our doctors are never forceful and use gentle techniques and modify their practice based on the age and development of the child; most children find receiving an adjustment relaxing and enjoyable.

We also love to keep your child happy and entertained and have a variety of toys to keep them occupied whilst you get your own adjustment.



Pregnancy is a special and precious time for a woman (and man) to go through. For some it is smooth sailing and for others changes that occur throughout the body may lead to pain or discomfort. Our practitioners are here to help best support your body as it transforms and transitions throughout your pregnancy.


WorkPlace Injury

We get it, accidents happen! We would love to help support your body through its healing process to get you feeling back to your tip top self as soon as possible.

Depending on the type of injury that has occurred our practitioners may be able to help get your body back to its fully functioning self. Whether the injury occurred in the workplace or not, our practitioners at Zuma Health would love to help assist your body.

Perhaps your medical professional or GP has recommended or referred you. Book in today or give us a call to see how we may be able to help you!


Diet, Nutrition & Digestive issues

In this day and age nutrition and diet are hot topics and can seem awfully confusing and daunting to some. Not to worry our health practitioners at Zuma Health are more than happy to help you with any nutritional advice or aid your digestive issues.

Our practitioners are knowledgable can help guide you to get your gut functioning optimally for optimal health! We understand that every one is different and every body has different needs and we will work with you and your body. Our practitioners will often discuss your nutrition as part of your assessment.



Insomnia is a frustrating condition that describes individuals who have difficulty sleeping, or find it hard to fall or stay asleep. As a result, they have trouble functioning during the daytime due to the lack of adequate sleep.

Many people don’t realise the effect their spinal health can have on their overall health and wellbeing. Our team at Zuma Health understand that people may sleep better when they’re relaxed and in balance and out of back pain. Book in today for us to assess and see how we can treat you naturally instead of reaching for those sleeping tablets or sedatives that can become easy to rely on.



Chiropractic treatment for sciatica focuses on spinal alignment to provide pain relief and stimulate the body's ability to self heal. Sciatica causes pain to the back and one or more of your legs due to irritation of the sciatic nerve.

If you have sciatica, you may also experience numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and in some cases groin pain. There are many causes of sciatica most are from irritation or compression of the spinal nerve or pain from the muscle of myofascial trigger points in the buttocks

At Zuma Health, we offer chiropractic care, in conjunction with other modalities such as myotherapy and massage to help treat sciatica. First step is to book in with one of our practitioners for them to do a thorough assessment to provide the appropriate treatment for you.


Headaches, Migraines & Dizziness

Headaches, migraines and dizziness can be absolutely debilitating and when caused by neck issues, can be supported. For some people it can be a regular inconvenience that can occur throughout their life. Many people who suffer from these conditions will reach for the closest pain medication such as panadol or neurofin, however at Zuma Health we believe in finding the root cause and treating that where possible instead of masking the symptoms.

Our chiropractors and other health practitioners (kinesiologist, myotherapist etc) at Zuma Health understand that the body is interconnected, this means that the cause of this pain can come from a variety of causes such as your body being out of alignment, a poor diet, stress, chemical and emotional imbalances and more.


Vitamins and Supplements

Do you find vitamins and supplements confusing? Are you not sure if you should or shouldn’t be taking them and what exactly is best for you? Don’t worry thats normal; in todays day and age there are such a large variety of vitamins and supplements flooding the shelves with new companies and brands popping up regularly… its definitely easy to get overwhelmed and confused with it all.

At Zuma Health we believe that a healthy diet generally provides enough of each vitamin and mineral. However, we understand that dietary restrictions, poor soil nutrient content, lifestyle choices, deficiencies, health conditions and more may require some people to need supplementation.

Our practitioners at Zuma Health have a good understanding on vitamins and supplementation and are more than happy to advise and guide you with your questions.


Muscle & Nerve Pain

Our team at Zuma Health understand how aches and pains from muscles and nerves can effect our day to day life and the function and movement of our bodies. Our practitioners range from chiropractic, massage, myotherapy, kinesiology and more… depending on the signs and symptoms of your body we can recommend exactly which therapy or combination of therapies might be best for you.


Neurological Conditions

Did you know that chiropractic actually addresses the nervous system via supporting the spinal column? It is because of this that our chiropractors may be able to help support those suffering from some neuromuscular skeletal conditions.

Our approach is all about supporting your body and improving postural control. Ensuring your overall spinal health is at its highest potential can gives you an opportunity to manage your condition.

Our chiropractors and health practitioners are happy to talk if you would like to find out more. Please note our staff at Zuma Health will not diagnose your neurological condition, any person presenting with signs or symptoms of a neurodegenerative disorder needs to be evaluated by a specialist to ensure an accurate diagnosis.


Healthy Aging

We want you to be feeling and functioning at your best for life. At Zuma Health we love supporting your body, mind and spirit throughout its lifetime. Our chiropractors focus on gentle and safe techniques to help your spine. Chiropractic care is safe and practiced on people at all stages of life.

Zuma Health takes on a holistic approach and have a number of modalities and practitioners available to discuss your health care and plan for your future.


Still unsure of how Zuma Health Can help you?

Our team draws from a variety of professional health modalities to assist a variety of needs. If you think chiropractic is the modality you need,we invite you to call us or book online TODAY for our Free Spinal Assessment for one of our qualified Doctors of Chiropractic to conduct a thorough check to see how your spinal health may be affecting your health and whether chiropractic or another modality is a suitable treatment for your condition.

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